Conversations with chefs, writers, and more about how their personal and political beliefs determine whether or not they eat meat.

Hosted ByAlicia Kennedy

Welcome to Meatless, a podcast about eating.

It’s hard to have open conversations about the reality of eating animal products — whether omnivorous, vegetarian, vegan, or something else entirely. On Meatless, Alicia Kennedy talks with chefs, writers, and more about how their personal and political beliefs determine whether or not they eat meat. How do identity, culture, economics, and history affect a diet? Join Alicia and her guests as they discuss why people eat, how they eat, and where ethics, politics, cultural identity, and animals fit into all that.

Written and presented by Alicia Kennedy. Produced by Sareen Patel.

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Episode 30: Chicago (Part Two)

What makes for a good vegan city? Alicia Kennedy travels to Chicago, where chefs and food writers defend their hometown’s meat-free restaurants and diners.

Episode 29: Chicago (Part One)

What makes for a good vegan city? Chicago bartender Alicia Arredondo and chef Pat Sheerin talk about food, politics, and the city’s reputation as a bad place to go meat-free.

Episode 28: John Currence

The James Beard Award-winning chef talks about cooking food to protest the “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” Mississippi.

Episode 27: Luz Cruz and Ollie Montes de Oca

Members of the Cuir Kitchen Brigade, a collective solidarity group, talk about anarchism and Puerto Rico’s agroecology movement after Hurricane Maria.

Episode 26: Danielle Ricciardi and Daniel Strong

The founders of vegan food company Chickpea and Olive talk about cheese, burgers, and the economics of food delivery apps

Episode 25: Olivia Hu

The co-founder of the Brooklyn-based Old Timers bar discusses what she loves and hates about being a bartender-and how to build a more inclusive restaurant and drinking culture.

Episode 24: Amy Quichiz

The founder of Veggie Mijas, a collective for vegan women of color, talks about social justice and food

Episode 23: Toby Buggiani

The owner of Adelina’s, an Italian restaurant in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, talks about curating plant-based menus.

Episode 22: Roopa Kalyanaraman Marcello

A public health expert — and the founder of Monsoon Sweets — talks about the systemic power of large food corporations and how the industry keeps you unhealthy.