Episode 30: Chicago (Part Two)

What makes for a good vegan city? Alicia Kennedy travels to Chicago, where chefs and food writers defend their hometown’s meat-free restaurants and diners.

Episode 29: Chicago (Part One)

What makes for a good vegan city? Chicago bartender Alicia Arredondo and chef Pat Sheerin talk about food, politics, and the city’s reputation as a bad place to go meat-free.

Episode 28: John Currence

The James Beard Award-winning chef talks about cooking food to protest the “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” Mississippi.

Episode 27: Luz Cruz and Ollie Montes de Oca

Members of the Cuir Kitchen Brigade, a collective solidarity group, talk about anarchism and Puerto Rico’s agroecology movement after Hurricane Maria.

Episode 26: Danielle Ricciardi and Daniel Strong

The founders of vegan food company Chickpea and Olive talk about cheese, burgers, and the economics of food delivery apps

Episode 25: Olivia Hu

The co-founder of the Brooklyn-based Old Timers bar discusses what she loves and hates about being a bartender-and how to build a more inclusive restaurant and drinking culture.

Episode 24: Amy Quichiz

The founder of Veggie Mijas, a collective for vegan women of color, talks about social justice and food

Episode 23: Toby Buggiani

The owner of Adelina’s, an Italian restaurant in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, talks about curating plant-based menus.

Episode 22: Roopa Kalyanaraman Marcello

A public health expert — and the founder of Monsoon Sweets — talks about the systemic power of large food corporations and how the industry keeps you unhealthy.

Episode 21: Becca Hegarty

The co-founder of Pittsburgh’s Bitter Ends Luncheonette on building a sustainable farm-to-table business, finding land to grow food, and emotionally caring for livestock destined to become meat.