The Diffusion Podcast Bootcamp

What is it?

The Diffusion Podcast Network Bootcamp will help you tell your stories through truly engaging audio. Whether you’re new to podcasting or already have a podcast but want to learn more, this bootcamp will help you develop and launch your own podcast, or improve an existing one. The Diffusion Podcast Network Bootcamp includes: 

  • Three two-day workshops across a six-month period 
  • Knowhow and advice from award-winning industry experts
  • One-to-one mentoring 
  • Hands-on experience in scripting, sound design, audience development and engagement, distribution and monetization strategies

Who should attend?

This bootcamp is for anyone has stories, but needs help turning them into a podcast; and anyone with an existing podcast who wants to improve their work. You might work for a non-profit organisation, an arts organisation, be working in comms in a large corporate, or just be running your own personal podcast as a side project. If this sounds like you, we’d love you to join us on the Diffusion Podcast Network Bootcamp. 

How does it work?

The Bootcamp is a collaborative process of learning and making. You’ll work with industry experts and your bootcamp colleagues to take your podcast from idea to execution. If you already have a podcast we’ll help you develop ideas for future episodes.

Over six months, you’ll get a combination of group workshops and one-to-one mentoring with experts in the fields of sound design, writing, editing and monetisation.

The Bootcamp will start with a two day workshop in Brighton on 30th and 31st January 2020. At this workshop we’ll hear from industry experts about how they developed their own hit podcasts, and help you develop the core story format and structure for your podcast. We’ll help you develop a production schedule, and give you the tools you need to get cracking on making your podcast.

After the podcast we’ll support you with on-demand one-to-one mentoring from the Storythings team, either by Skype or in person, depending on availability and location. We’ll help you take the stuff you learn at the workshop and start researching, editing and launching your podcast.

The second workshop will be in March 2020 in Brighton, and will focus on how to grow your audience and develop your podcast format. We’ll look at how to build a community, how to engage your audience, and experimenting with donations, subscriptions and monetisation. Most of the participants will have launched at least one episode of their podcast by now, so we’ll help you analyse and get insight from your stats so far.

Finally, we’ll have a third workshop in Brighton in May/June 2020. We’ll work with you to look at how your podcast is going so far, what kinds of responses you have had from your communities, and where you can go next. We’ll look in more detail about using networks (like Diffusion) to build loyal audiences, developing your podcast brands with events, and spinning off other formats like books, newsletters or event TV series.

What will attendees gain?

We’ll give you the answers to questions such as:

Story Development

  • How can you create original and compelling podcast formats? 
  • What kinds of interviews make for engaging audio?
  • What publishing structure should you use –  seasons or regular releases?


  • How should you use music and FX in your story? 
  • How can sound design help focus users’ attention on your podcast? 
  • Which platforms should you use for distribution?

Audience Development

  • How do you build a community around your podcast?
  • What kind of online presence should you have?
  • How can you make money through donations, subscriptions and advertising?

The working sessions will then help you refine your specific ideas to the point where they are likely to have the best chance of success when brought to production. 

How much does it cost?

Participation in the Diffusion Podcast Bootcamp costs £2500 per person, or £5000 per podcast team for the six month Bootcamp. Each team should focus on a specific podcast, and we can have up to two people per podcast team.

If you want to send teams for more than one podcast from your organisation, get in touch and we can discuss discounted rates.


For further details on this and future bootcamps, please sign up to the Diffusion Podcast Network newsletter here.  

How to apply

You can register for the Bootcamp by filling in the form below. We’ll get back in touch ASAP with a full registration form and details of how to sign up. Thanks!