Episode 15: Sheri Hood

The former band manager and vegan winemaker discusses why she became vegetarian, how that inspired her to make vegan wines, and what it was like to not eat meat while on tour in the 1990s.

Episode 14: Cheryl Mitchell

A conversation with the Elmhurst Milked food scientist who developed Rice Dream and the Elmhurst Milked line of nut, grain, and seed vegan milks.

Episode 13: Soleil Ho

The food writer talks about entomophagy, or eating insects, the tech industry’s obsession with cricket flour, and what it all means for vegans and vegetarians.

Episode 12: Chitra Agrawal

The founder of the Brooklyn Delhi line of condiments talks about her lifelong vegetarianism, the word “curry,” and her punk rock youth in New Jersey.

Episode 11: Gabriella Paiella

It’s not easy to make being vegan both funny and incisive. A conversation about Tevas, bad jokes about vegans, and the relationship between veganism and body image.

Episode 05: Beyond Soil

In basements and skyscrapers, urban hydroponic farms produce food without soil at all; meanwhile, exobiologists are inventing ways to grow food among the stars.

Episode 10: Shanika Hillocks and Theo Samuels

Samuels is a vegan; Hillocks isn’t. How do they find balance in a relationship divided over meat consumption?

Episode 09: Cara Nicoletti

A conversation on Nicoletti’s family butcher shop in Boston, what inspired her to cut down on meat, and why people should stop calling female butchers “badass.”

Episode 04: Regrowth

When we talk about soil — and about trying to “fix” soil —taking action can mean breaking or disrespecting our connections to the land, good intentions or not.

Episode 08: Charlotte Shane

The culture writer, publisher of Tigerbee Press, and longtime vegan talks about reducetarianism, oatmeal, and teenage Moby shame.