Month: July 2018

Episode 09: Cara Nicoletti

A conversation on Nicoletti’s family butcher shop in Boston, what inspired her to cut down on meat, and why people should stop calling female butchers “badass.”

Episode 04: Regrowth

When we talk about soil — and about trying to “fix” soil —taking action can mean breaking or disrespecting our connections to the land, good intentions or not.

Episode 08: Charlotte Shane

The culture writer, publisher of Tigerbee Press, and longtime vegan talks about reducetarianism, oatmeal, and teenage Moby shame.

Episode 07: Tia Keenan

A conversation with a cheese writer and community organizer about dairy production, anti-capitalist food systems, and her backyard chickens.

Episode 03: Getting Dirty

Are our lives too clean? Soil’s role in the biggest pandemic you’ve never heard of, and soil as a source of miraculous medicines.

Episode 06: Leah Kirts

A food writer and nutrition educator talks about her upbringing in rural Indiana, her time in the NYU food studies master’s program, and teaching kids about veganism.

Episode 05: Nadya Agrawal

The founder of Kajal magazine talks about what made her become vegan, how veganism can better connect with other social justice movements, and more.

Episode 02: The New Dust Bowl?

In this episode, we dive into the story of the Dust Bowl, which decimated 250,000 square miles of land in the United States in the 1930s —and Hugh Bennett, the man who saw it coming.